It’s Four Twenty-Six

… and I’m higher than I was on four twenty.

I have a few poems I haven’t posted yet because they don’t feel done. Everything I work on doesn’t feel done! I used to know when I was ready to release my creations into the world but … I don’t know what’s happening. However! I will not worry about it because I am taking care of my artist self via The Artist’s Way – I know it will all be ok!

Last weekend was my first time driving since I broke my arm and my wrist isn’t back to normal – I don’t know if it will ever be AND I didn’t bother attending my last fracture clinic appointment. I woke up and said, “fuck it!” But I need to find out if full mobility will return.

Why is watching Bob Ross so dang enjoyable? This afternoon I chilled in our reception area to do some work-related reading – I forgot about everything and was glued to the screen.

I’m going to hell or Imma get sued. But I can’t be the only one who’s ever wondered what sex with Ross would be like.

Had an impromptu sleepover at Dee’s last night. I was supposed to continue on to Pape station but she extended the invite and I couldn’t turn it down. I will leave a few workpieces at her place so I don’t have to wear my same work to clothes next day. 🙂

Soon I will for you draw my refrigerator that opens like a book. It’s …

I love you, Bob Ross!

Sam I Am! That Sam I Am

Wed Apr 26, 2023

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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