Opposable Thumbs

Since getting locked out the other day, I been trying to teach Zoey how to open the door …

“Zo! When I knock three times and call your name, you gotta come open the door for me. Ok!”

“First of all. For the third time. Rabbits do not have opposable thumbs. Secondly, I cannot reach the lock. And third, but not finally, you. are. an. imbecile.”

“No need to be rude. I showed you how to use your front paws on either side of the latch to turn it. Remember!?!”

“OH. MY. FUCKIN’. GOD. I still cannot reach it!”

“Watch your mouth! We try again tomorrow.”

“Even if you give me a way to get to the lock, I’d prefer to leave you outside. Gimme treat or I’ll kill you in your sleep!”

Haiku sonnet? Published! 🙂 I’m not sure if I can call it my third sonnet, but I think I will leave that label for the traditional ones only.

The weekend flew by! WTF.

Good night!

Sun Mar 27, 2022

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