Absolutely Not … Right Now

Sometimes I wonder if I am a hypocrite. For example, I swear, but hearing others swear hurts my ears. If I don’t like listening to others swear, then I shouldn’t be swearing ever, right? I don’t say anything to them; those who curse, except for the boys. With everyone else, I secretly cringe. And then there are times when it doesn’t bother me.

I wonder if other things may make me appear hypocritical – I hope not.

I’m pleased to let you know that, for my IG postings, I’ve decided on a template and a font (one that can be bolded and italicized). I opted for sans serif/slab because they are easier to read. imo. I also had to ensure the font was appropriate for any poem – playful vs serious vs inbetweeners. 

Having a single selection will make my postings much less of a hassle; then the only decision I have to make is which poem to post. Also, I think I will post three of the same themed poems at a time. i.e., three on relationships, three on mental health, etc.

My art desk! Duh!

Did I ever tell you I used to want to be an architect – like George. AND … I have a bunch of quotes to get caught up on. That will wait for the weekend – I still prefer to add my own artwork than use the quote format included with this theme.

So guess what? Remember, just the other day, I was talking about heart rate zone monitoring. Well, v9 of watchOS is supposed to include that feature with an improved Workout app. And also, although I am ashamed to say it, the Ultra at 49mm is looking mighty appealing to me (49mm is enormous, but I love the design), and appealing also is the iPhone 14.

But I shouldn’t upgrade – I don’t need to upgrade. But I want to upgrade! Can I afford to upgrade? I will lie to you and myself and say, “Sure I can upgrade, no problem-oh!” BUT … Doing a trade-in will save me >1000$ ~ and I can give myself some time to save a bit. Early birthday gifts? 🙂 Justified! (this is how I talk myself into money problems). But I will be using cash, no credit for this purchase.

Dad always told me, “Cash or credit! Not both.”


Working with OKRs to ensure they are unequivocally measurable, hence, leaving no questions on whether a goal was achieved, is challenging – but my love for working with words will get me through.

This evening I replanted my bird of paradise, and right in the thick of it, Phil showed up, by surprise, to hang out with Zo and me. 

“I thought you were off sailing with Jill?”

“Nah! We went to visit her parents. By the way, you should add more water and fertilizer when repotting.”

“Phil! Brah! I ain’t tryna take no gardening advice from you yo! Not after that fishing fiasco.”

Thu Sep 08, 2022

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