Not so Arbitrary After All

Mmmmm cake.

In only losing point two pounds on the scale this morning, I still need to pay attention to my calories even if I am mostly eating fat and protein. But it’s cool, I’m getting used to weighing and logging and logging and weighing. If I want to continue the experiment I could eat close to 2k calories in carbs and see what the scale tells me tomorrow but I already have evidence – that’s how I got fat in the first place.

Did you hear about the bank that got bought out by UBS because they didn’t offer their employees enough flex with their return to work policy so people started leaving – There’s a Forbes article on Credit Suisse’s Collapse out there. Something else I read today I wanted to tell you about but I forget.

BTW: I am drinking more water yo! Now I need to find more things to pee on, cause peeing in toilets is boring.


Skidamarink e dink e dink
Skidamarink e doo
I love you

I love you in the morning
And in the afternoon
I love you in the evening
And underneath the moon


Skidamarink e dink e dink
Skidamarink e doo
Iiiiiiii love you


Some rando kids show – Maybe Sharon, Lois and Bram

There were several dog people in the field today – I watched them stand around while their dogs ran around and wondered why they don’t run around too. I am not a dog person and I cannot be a cat person. I kinda feel like I’m not even a pet person or a plant person.

I am a people person !!!

(Except for when people annoy me and my desire
to remove body parts becomes overwhelming.)

Hello 🙂

Forgot to tell you … my tattoo does interfere with the watch. Yesterday I danced for thirty minutes with the watch on an ink-free wrist area without issue. Then I decided I wanted to test the tattoo thing – so I ended that workout and started a new one with the watch over my Buddha and sure enough – I didn’t even hit five minutes before it paused. The guy told me that it’s something to do with the pigments in the ink – instead of allowing the light to reflect back into the watch, the pigments will scatter the light so the watch can’t get a proper reading.

He asked me if I am gonna get more tattoos – I said yes and we laughed about keeping a safe spot for MeWatch and he told me to keep dancing.

Someone left for me candy at the office, I ate it yesterday – Thanks, Somebody!

This week I am planning to complete chapter two of The Artist’s Way – I read it but I didn’t finish all the exercises. The tasks at the end take longer to complete than reading the chapter. I’m keeping up with the morning pages but I haven’t officially gone on a date with my artist self yet.

I was supposed to go to a zine show last weekend but I changed my mind for a few reasons – it was windy and rainy out and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to control my spending – I’d probably want to buy everything I saw and since I was going alone, I might be doomed. I don’t know if Dee’s voice in my head is still strong, “Mom don’t go crazy.”


When I write my next dating profile, I will include the following:

Dear future potential partner, if I must sync my bedtime with yours, I will steal the covers and politely, but violently, kick you off the bed every night in hopes that one day your head will hit the pointy edge of the night table before the rest of you hits the floor. I am prepared to do this until you learn to leave me alone. I will go to bed when I'm damn well ready, or not.

Noooo body can say I didn’t warn them!

I drew today! Yay!

Practice Makes Me

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