Jun 14 – Journal Entry

Feeling lost. Something is bothering me, and I can’t even tell what it is. I hate when that happens. Absolutely! I had a headache all day – woke up with a headache and went to sleep with the same one 😦 I didn’t write – Partly because I have a headache and partly because I feel uneasy. I keep hearing the Writing Down the Bones lady saying, “… write anyway.”

I didn’t get to play Jackbox Games with the kids, plan to do it tomorrow or next weekend. The boys wanted me to watch them play Until Dawn but I couldn’t. Pretty much napped all day, then I had a restless sleep when it was bedtime. (story of my life) … So I watched Gretel & Hansel at some point later at night – between my sleep cycles.

Cheers! To days with constant headaches (literally) and other bothersome things you can’t quite place. (I’m being sarcastic.)

BTW: It’s weird trying to write yesterday’s journal today without slipping into past-tense. I think it would be easier to travel back to yesterday, write my journal, and then return to the present – but my time machine is in the lab again 😦

Even though it may be irksome, it is alright to go back to the drawing board – it is worse not to redraw when you know you should.

Written: 06.15.2020 at ~ 9:15 pm

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