Jun 11 – Journal Entry

Had a thirty-minute convo with my boss – He always asks me how the boys are doing 🙂 … We talked about everything, including BLM and other historical information – He told me about the burning of Black Wallstreet (again 🙂 ) and a human petting zoo in Belgium in the ’50s. I told him I don’t want to see that. But you can look it up if you like.

We talked about the indigenous people in Australia, and then we got back to happy work stuff. I told him I was concerned about ensuring everyone follows the PM standards/guidelines I set out – He said, I’m a Boss B then he spent a few minutes finding a song for me to listen to. lol. 

Emperor – This isn’t the version he sent me, but it’s the right song. 🎵”Bow down to the emperor, if you know what’s good for ya.” 🎵 Parts of the video reminds me of something Tool would do.  

He also gave me practical advice – so, once I finish mapping out the workflow and documenting everything, we will meet with the PMs to review. The workflow is the easy part. I don’t want to be too prescriptive, but I expect us to work with Asana in a particular way.

I think I’ve said it before – I’ve never had a boss like this boss. He truly cares about everyone. And he’s maintained relationships with all our past employees (as far as I know). One time he said something like, just because I have to let someone go, doesn’t mean I have to treat them poorly in the process. 

That says it all!

I am going to hit the mark for 200 posts soon, currently at 189. And lately, I haven’t posted any of my old creative writing works.

The boys are calling each other whores for fun !!! When did that become a thing? 

“You’re a vicious snowflake.” – Red in Mandy (2018) to one of the Black Skulls. I love that quote. The juxtaposition is fabulous – I had to share it with you!

(BTW – I forgot to post my journal last night – Good Friday afternoon to ya!)

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