Waxing Toxic Poeticity

… Wax on. Wane off. I bet you don’t know what movie I’m referencing!

I don’t like the WordPress reader. Never have. You go to someone’s website, and everything looks so much better. The reader needs a tremendous upgrade.

I cooked spaghetti and meat sauce. Remember my refrigerator that opens like a book – I’m gonna try drawing it. The whole idea started because when I cannot see things I forget them and food ends up spoiling in the back of the fridge. In my book fridge – the shelves will be vertical but I don’t think I want to flip them anymore – it might be better if I can pull the “page/shelf” out and push it back in. I’m thinkin’ …

Yesterday I learned about toxic positivity. Everything can be toxic, it seems:

  • Ya got you yr 
    • toxic masculinity
    • toxic positivity
    • toxic femininity
    • toxic sensitivity
    • toxic self-esteemity
    • toxic mindfulnessity

Toxic mindfulness … lmao! I can see it now! Crippiling self-awareness. I am so self-aware, so focused on the present and being in the moment, that I cannot do anything. I can just be-on pause – in toxic mindfulnessity!

I guess toxic self-esteem would come across as narcissism. Right?

Some poems are complicated – I have to read the rules multiple times, and I still don’t get it. Then I go back to what I know. But I keep revisiting it. Freeform is still my favourite, but I like the discipline required to write other types – so … with all that said, you should know that I haven’t given up on my plan to write at least one of each type of poem I know. 

As of today, I still find limericks the hardest to write – every time I try, I fail. I go attempt again for the umpteenth time.

Sun Aug 28, 2022

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