Budgeting is Art

So far, I am enjoying the short stories in Echo Tree. Poetry wasn’t your bag brah. (according to me). Perhaps, years from now I will feel what I don’t feel now. I am looking forward to reading Munch’s journals and poems. And after Munch, I plan to read Hafiz’s collection, or I will do it in between.

I think I used “white charcoal” for highlights. Gouache is something else.

I am unhappy – but only slightly because I still cannot find my sketchbook 😦


You should not do your budget on random pieces of paper


But you are smart, so you already knew that. I mention it more for my benefit than for you. I love using spreadsheets, but for some reason, I cannot bring myself to use them consistently for budgeting purposes. (the story of my life).

A few weeks ago, I removed all food ordering apps from my device to help stop me from ordering impulsively. Whenever I get the urge to order anything, I have to borrow one of the boy’s phones. Today, Matt refused to give me his and Dre wasn’t home.

Instead, I ate a handful of walnuts and drank water while watching Prey (a good movie btw). I thought I’d have to go to the movies, but it’s streaming on Disney+. Later, once calm, I thanked the boy. At least I did not threaten his life – this time.

To avoid other forms of self-harm, I require constant supervision. I will get good because I must. It will happen – it has to.

Sat Aug 06, 2022

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