Mar 30 – Journal Entry

Coming to you live from my king-sized Tempur-Pedic bed.

Today I sent a note to my boss because I felt grateful – I remember some of the other companies I’ve worked for; they didn’t trust their employees when it came to working from home.

I remember one manager telling me that when he works from home, he gets distracted and will start doing everything but work. I thought, “I’m not you! idiot!” (thank God. Ugh!). Then another place wanted you to give them three-day notice and your manager had to approve it first.

When I think about those organizations, I cringe. Which brings me back to my current boss … Our organization was always equipped physically and mentally – to work from home. I was delighted this morning and thanked him for trusting us and promoting family and self-care?

I didn’t practice my drawing today, but I did get a few messages from POF – I bumped into a guy I used to date – Robocop. (Can you “bump” into people online?) Every time I jump back in he tries to rekindle what we had – but it’s long dead. I have no desire to dig it up. I can’t even remember why we stopped dating. Doesn’t matter. Onto the New!

I wonder if I should even be dating – I’m not serious, but I can’t say that because most men will interpret that as “oooh free sex.” Which would be fine if I was looking for sex, but I’m not. I also don’t want to have a long term relationship or get married. I like being alone. (why am I on POF?)

About a year ago, if I was having trouble sleeping, I’d go online but could never understand why every guy wanted to hook up. I missed the “If you’re a woman online after midnight it means you’re DTF.” memo.

I remember having an intellectually stimulating conversation with a gentleman, then he asked,

“Do you want to see a full body pic?”

“Sure!” I replied, innocently.

Downloading. Downloading. Wham!!!!

Full-frontal! WTF! Really!

There’s always something to celebrate – find your thing! 😊

I love babies! Human babies. Tiger babies. Elephant babies. Warthog babies. Crocodile babies. Pangolin babies. Hedgehog babies. Man-babies (joking. Man-babies are the worse babies.).

I said that!

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