Surprise! Surprise!

I didn’t know watercolour could look so beautiful. Wow! Wow! Feast your palette. Or your pallet. Or your palate. 

Today I found myself wishing my dentist and hygenist did home visits. I suspect I’d feel much more comfortable getting my teeth cleaned, x-rayed, whitened, or fixed in the familiarity of my living room. Or bedroom. Or kitchen. Why is that not a thing?

Instead of a center table, I have a dentist chair with accompanying apparatuses in my living room. Perfect!

I feel like the scale might be off, but I cannot tell. Once you get the idea!

At Costco yesterday, I forgot to pick up dish soap and green onions. Did I tell you … I plan to cook with green onions and leeks and chives over plain ol’ onions. After The Boy and I hung out with the rats while cleaning their cage. I showered then walked over to Foodland. (Yes! I was naked. ‘Cept for shoes and shopping bag. It is alright, by my standards, to walk around outside nude, but you CANNOT, I repeat. You CANNOT … roam about naked in a change room. Unacceptable!)

With dish soap and green onions on my mind, I returned home with everything and a large chocolate caramel cake. (Heavy sigh.) In that short amount of time since the gym’s been closed, I’ve learned that working out at home doesn’t work for me. I can gracefully push off exercising, even when I have a start time in my head. But when I have to get ready and leave the house, that process makes a huge difference. AND … especially when I have to meet my trainer, I start to stress if I might end up being late. I show up for someone else but don’t always show up for myself – that only applies when it comes to exercising.

Where do you go when the going gets tough?

Although I have no idea when I will be able to fly, I’ve been looking at prices for Paris – The best part, I think I will be able to work from there because I’d like to stay for at least a month. I will have to find out from HR if I can actually work from there, because if I can, maybe I will stay even longer. The thought of not having to deal with the boys makes me happy. 

Earlier this week, Dee told me I should prepare myself because, in all likelihood, she doesn’t see The Boy leaving home any time soon. I just broke down and started screaming and bawling in the mall like the love of my life had died. We were having such a good time together, then my daughter had to spoil it with that comment. They called the ambulance to get me out of there quick before I upset anyone’s shopping experience. Looks like I’m gonna have to run away from home – like back in the day when I was a teenager.

I’m looking forward to finishing the deck I started at work late last week. 

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