Doodles And Koalas Don’t Mix

Self-doubt moment … I worry and wonder if I am a hypocrite. I can only keep learning and course correcting to ensure I don’t succumb to bias blindness. Since I cannot see everything through everyone’s eyes all the time (wish I had that superpower.) I hope my writing inspires people to speak up for themselves and others, think about their biases, language, and actions. I hope my work encourages people to do their own research – get info from reputable sources, and spend time self-reflecting.

Remember those app drawing games, like Draw It.  And remember Quick Draw McGraw, well, this is not him. You should add your doodles to this fantastic neural network of doodle data. Playing is fun. Plus, it tries to guess while you’re drawing, which makes me laugh

Today I looked for koalas but only found kangaroos.

When I decided I wanted to learn data analytics, I thought about it only from a work-related aspect, but the deeper I get into it, I realize it will improve my:

  • research skills (they’re rusty)
  • ability to create something new from factual information (sweet!)
  • critical thinking skills (and recognizing failures in reasoning – including my own)
  • other shit that I haven’t thought of yet (unknown unknowns)

Overall, refining these new skills will make me a better writer and human bean – but I do not wish to be refried. This doesn’t mean I won’t write any more from a purely personal place, but I can speak from a data-informed place when writing other pieces. I can be more critical of myself and others. My opinions will be better informed. And in the process, I’m learning a whole new language. It’s not French or Japanese or Korean, or any of the other languages I want to learn, but it’s cool.

Do you consider a hamburger a sandwich?

Sun Dec 11, 2022

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