Journal Entry – Fri Nov 20

Why can’t humidifiers refill themselves? Did you know that you can put too much essential oil in your diffuser, which causes your nose and eyes to burn when you walk into the room? I learned that today. Be warned – too much lavender oil is caustic.

Starting Monday, we are going back to full lockdown for 28 days.

I’m gonna try writing jokes. Why? Just because! I love the jokes Joe Bob tells on his drive-in show. When I try out my jokes on you must laugh first then tell me the truth later. Well, you don’t have to tell me the truth, I will hear it in your laugh. Thank you for listening and get ready for the time of your life! lol! You know that saying about no news being good news? It’s not true. Please ensure parties receive and understand your message before making assumptions about the resulting news, or lack thereof.

My laptop shut down interrupting my writing! How rude. Now I can’t remember what I was going to say!

The coconut vinegar I bought came with a tiny booklet on the health and beauty benefits:

  1. Serves as an abundant source of all nine essential amino acids and eight non-essential amino acids for immune health
  2. Healthy Buddha Coconut Vinegar has a variety of minerals, low glycemic index, plus contains vitamins B and C
  3. Rich in potassium, zinc and magnesium, which help with sugar metabolization and blood sugar regulation
  4. Contains live enzymes that harness the same benefits as apple cider vinegar, with no calories and great taste (this makes it seem like apple cider vinegar has calories – it doesn’t)
  5. As a morning ritual, mix one tablespoon with water and drink on an empty stomach to ignite the senses and prep for the day
  6. Add coconut vinegar to warm tea water and sip it throughout the day to help balance the digestive system (what is warm tea water exactly? Is it the same as warm water without tea? If so, why didn’t they say “warm water” or “warm tea” !?!?!? Stuff like this annoys me! I don’t know what warm tea water is!)
  7. Add a tablespoon to some dijon mustard and half an avocado for a rich, creamy salad dressing or add to your favourite salad dressings, marinades and sauces for extra flavour (i added some to my bone broth, it does enhance the flavour)
  8. For the face, use a cotton ball soaked with coconut vinegar and pat cleansed facial skin to kill bacteria and help prevent breakouts
  9. Brush Healthy Buddha Coconut Vinegar into hair, leave in for 20-30 minutes before rinsing for shiny, soft locks

I bought the coconut vinegar for the heaven of it – just curious. My not-backed-by-science gut tells me it’s the same as apple cider vinegar, which I also happen to have in my pantry. Maybe coconut vinegar will bring me closer to Buddha.

I was disappointed with the amount of bone broth yielded from my slow cooker, not even 1000 ml. In the process, the handle for the lid broke, and a bunch of liquid spilled into the outer housing thingy. I thought about throwing it out but wasn’t comfortable contributing to waste, so I cleaned it up and put it away, with plans to fix the handle. I’ve had that cooker for years when it was just Dee and me – that’s why it’s only 3.5 quarts (doesn’t cut it with the boys).

Anyway, I bought an 8-quart slow cooker that happens to say Instant Pot on the front 🙂 So now I have two – I’m looking forward to making my next batch of broth. I can’t use the regular IP because it takes a total of three days to create beef broth.    

BTW – the nam pla prik is a huge hit. When you sit at the table, the smell is intoxicating.

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