Multitasking In Chunks

I’ve repurposed a recipe box to keep track of my ideas, and I have a box for all my flyers and articles and other silly things I collect for future reference. My artist list is getting bigger and bigger 🙂 My latest addition is Hieronymus Bosch. I love how there’s so much going on.

I wonder if I’d liked having a range for when I was born, 1970 to 1975 vs 1973? Probably not, I would have been annoyed with my parents. “How can you not know what year I was born!?!”

“Because we didn’t want to have you.” Do you think we’d behave differently if we had no idea how old we were – you could be off by a decade or ahead by a century (like The Tragically Hip). lol

It is good that you can amuse yourself

Dee said to me and I agree

Sometimes I try to finish people’s sentences and I usually fail miserably. I sit there, listening, impatiently. Figuring I’ll help them out, I suggest a word but I am more wrong than right. When I keep my suggestions to myself, I still wait impatiently. Oh your word! Spit it out already!

We are having our work summer party in August! Finally! And I already know what I am bringing for dessert! Not sure that’s a good thing. Why am I always thinking about sugar? Leave me alone!

Well! Talk later. I’ve gotta get back to my serial killer podcast, looking at art, reading about artist. thinking about stuffs and things, maybe working on sonnet 13 and my windowsill spider. (I haven’t seen him lately).

Sat Jul 16, 2022

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