Sleepless In Toronto

I don’t need to go to Seattle. I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day!

My sleep goal is 7hrs. I been averaging 3h 30m a week. 4h 31m for the month, from Jan 16 to Feb 15. I took the day off. (hmmm, did I add it to Bamboo?). Anykaput. Enough about that. Made it to the gym yesterday, and I saw the Boxer 🙂 During my huffing and puffing 45-second breaks, I was watching him do his thing.

Archie is officially out of the house. Temporarily. He will return in an urn. Matt’s gonna spread his ashes somewhere at some point. At first I was like, I spent enough money on this bunny BUT, I don’t want Matt blaming me for anything years from now. 

My mom didn’t allow me to cremate my pet rabbit and that’s why I:

  • can’t hold down a job
  • have commitment issues
  • end up in abusive relationships
  • have chemical dependencies and sex issues

Dear Matt:

I don’t want to hear it! Get yourself a therapist!


I was telling Dee that The Boys think Zoe is more energetic now that Archie is gone and she said, “Suppose Zoe killed Archie!?” LOL. That would make a killer story – Made a note in MyLittleRedBesidemeBook.

Finally got my Elevation Lab DraftTable – yay! My co-worker in Belarus has been sending me these short hella funny comics. I will share them with you tomorrow if I remember.

Can you drive a golf cart on the road? It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna take one for a joyride. Driving the cart is the best part of golf – that’s all I took away when my last company took us on a golf trip (oh and drinking on the fairway). I can’t remember the name of the course but it was out of the city, I saw lots of horses.

Tue Feb 15, 2022

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