It was so lovely to walk outside this morning and not be broiled. Refreshing breeze. Finally!

Bossman gave me the wrong landmarks for to meet our sales director this morning, and I ended up in front of the wrong hotel. Two cops doing traffic duty helped me out. I had pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Would you rather get monkeypox or COVID?

… Right!

I did a little informal survey at work, and it turns out I’m the only one who’d rather get monkeypox over COVID. Those idiots! COVIDs old. Wouldn’t you want something new and fresh and exciting? Yes, it’s existed for a while, but it’s gaining popularity! Everyone wants to be popular!

After, I’m sitting at my desk thinking crazy shit and laughing to myself (out loud). But I couldn’t share cause you know, I’m at work. I can’t even remember all what ran through my head:

Work Dinner:
“A round a monkeypox for the table please!”

“And you get a monkeypox. And you get a monkeypox.”
“Can I get mine to go?”
“With pleasure!”

Monkeypox Meal Deal!

I don’t even remember how/why monkeypox came outta my mouth in the first place.

Still haven’t had my catnip tea. Back to the office again tomorrow. This is the most I’ve been at the office in a week since COVID.

Sleep tight!

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