Journal Entry – Tue Sep 15

Hello. My name is Sam and I don’t give a damn – lol. I do give 🙂

God! It’s official – the go-live for the FR project is today. Starting tomorrow I am no longer the lead on that project – all other phases will be handled by my counterpart in France. I can focus on other things – like perfecting my naked dance routine and navigating Prozac. (I’m joking about the first one, my naked dance routine is already perfect – tadda 🙂 ) I wonder if maybe my daytime sleep may be adding to the ill effects of Prozac – so I sleep because it makes me drowsy but because I sleep … forget it. But it can’t be the naps because I am tired all the time anyway.

I did about an hour of work then I started to feel blah, plus I was tossing and turning all night. I only had two meetings today, so I figured it was a good day to take a sick day. I turned on my out of office, sent a text to my boss, claimed my sick day in Bamboo and went back to bed. Funny thing – I couldn’t sleep. Like … of all the days for me not to be able to sleep. WTH!!! Something’s bothering me.

Did you know that peanuts aren’t nuts – they belong to the legume family. The moon was still out this morning.

I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted houses, I’m afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings.

Walter Jon Williams – sifi writer

I am afraid of unpredictable human beings, but unlike mister Williams, haunted houses scare me too. But haunted houses can be avoided. Can you ever really know someone? Like really know them, through and through? I wonder what brings out the worst in us. What would bring out the dark side of me? Do you know what would bring out the dark side of you?

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? I would rather be a hybrid, a vampire-werewolf ninja – But if I were a hybrid, like the dude in Underworld, I wouldn’t need ninja skills, they’d just be a nice to have feature. I wonder if there is a vampire-ninja-werewolf superhero out there somewhere.

Last week I played GanjaLand, Exploding Kittens, Game of Life and Unstable Unicorns with the kids. Game of Life wasn’t as much fun as I remember, and they changed the board, it just looks really cheap now. Exploding Kittens was the most fun. GanjaLand was fun too but I think you need to be high.

André cleaned up his room without me having to say anything – can you believe it? I will take that as a sign that he is growing up. Hopefully it’s not an anomaly. Matt thinks I have COVID – I don’t. He’s just being his usual paranoid self. School starts back this Thursday for the boys but I am already reading about COVID cases in TDSB schools.

A few weeks ago I took our annual Cybersecurity refresh course. I have to fix some of my passwords – I will do that on the weekend.


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