Shudder Juice

Yay! Friday!

Yesterday, after talking to you, I went to play B&B – I spent an hour setting up rooms in Winterberry – only to get an error. When I went back in, the damn game didn’t save my progress. Playing a glitchy game is annoying. But I love it! I save manually now, which is also annoying. Hopefully, another version will be out soon.

After squeezing the juice from a lemon, Dre held it out for Zoey to taste. She sniffed, took a bite, shuddered and ran away. Hilarious. He tried to get her to take another bite, but she wouldn’t.

I didn’t post anything to IG this week – my flow got disrupted.

Why is cat butt a thing? I don’t get it. Maybe if I had a cat I’d understand.

Fri Sep 30, 2022

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