Butter Corn Baby

I always feel great in the morning! Unless I don’t. But most times, I do! That is why I’ve always preferred to train/exercise as early in the day as possible; within a few hours of waking is ideal; before shit gets crazy and my “I can conquer me! feeling melts away like butter on a corncob. (hmmm … am I hungry!?)

Today I was done my one-hour walk by 9:30 am! About two or three years ago, I bought the Oculus VR headset for Matt. When I was looking for new ways to workout, I saw that they have programs/apps, but you have to subscribe to them, like Apple Fitness – There might be some that are a one-time payment, like the Ring, but I didn’t find any. And I prefer AR over VR anyway, and I don’t want to pay monthly for any exercise thing anymore – ever!

If suggestibility works for shit that’s not good for me, how come it doesn’t work for shit that is?

Did somebody say … Cornuphoria?
(🎶 Butter and corn, corn, baby 🎶)

Can you ear me?
The kernel is about to panic!
(That’s how you get popcorn.)

Sam’s Corny Cornversation with Self

Did I tell you? I realized I didn’t post anything to IG all last week. Now I’m organized for Tue and Thu, which is perfect because Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun are my fat-burning zone walking days. One thing missing from the Apple Watch for me is heart-rate zone notifications – with Garmin and Polar, while working out if you are outside your target zone, it beeps at you – slow down! Speed up! Maybe there is an app – I will have to investigate.

I dreamed that Bossman and Jer were living on RainbowSun with me. They were trying to get rid of all my animal neighbours/friends so they could buy their houses, and Glowbee got lost in the park, but it was weird cause the park on my island is tiny – green monkey bars, a colourful rocking horse and a pinkish/red elephant slide – but we found her again, and she was happy! I don’t remember seeing BabyJer, but he could have been there too.

Two or Three Days of My ACNH Life

Do you know how to do the chicken dance? I’m gonna start using Canva for more stuff than just Instagram poetry posts. (like the ACNH image above).


Mon Sep 05, 2022

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