Sun Dec 19:

At present, I have some serious odoriferousness emanating from my axillae … great opening right!

Another day of laying about, holding my towel-covered head over a bowl of hot water, inhaling and blowing awfully unsavoury stuff out my nose – you want the details? Fiddlesticks! Well, when you are ready let me know.

I started taking my iron pills again and I am finding it difficult to get all my protein and fats in every day – carbs, as you’ve probably guessed, are not a problem. Today I figured I will have two protein shakes a day with 37.5 ml of MCT or coconut oil per serving. According to MyFitnessPal that will give me good coverage.

I was thinking about work but I didn’t do work – I feel so behind, according to my own timeline, but the holidays are coming; I will use that time to get caught up. I would like to never lead a double life … quadruple maybe but never double.

Windows 11 is installed and I wanna try using their widget thing – it better work properly and their alternate sign-on/lock options better be better too. I swear, if Windows 11 disappoints me in any fashion, I will find Bill and all responsible downstream parties and each will receive one life-threatening chop to the throat with my Lenovo Yoga laptop while I stand in tree pose.


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