Sat Nov 13:

šŸŽ¶ Lolipop. Lolipop. Oh loli, lolipop. šŸŽ¶

Official new gym days are Monday to Friday. I was complaining to my training that I gained weight, but he said this is normal and it’s muscle. Hooray! Today he told me he knows my body and I was thinking, ooooh! That’s what I want my man to say … when I get one. Turns out my core is behind developmentally, compared to all my other muscles so we gotta bring that up and he is going to get more specific on what I must do on cardio days, i.e. which machines to use and for how long, etc.

I decided … as my sight goes, I’d like for my hearing and smelling to be enhanced. I think this is a righteous evolution for women; then predators can’t sneak up on us. If you get home and someone is hiding in your house, you’ll know as soon as you open the door. And if you wanna have sex with some dude but he has a disease you can smell it and end his life; Species. Do you think people smell different when they are trying to harm you? Let’s say you have a partner who wants you dead for insurance money or just cause he wants out of the relationship – I think enhanced hearing/smelling will be good for everyone – no more trust by trial, you autmotically know.

Sometimes I sleep too long in the late afternoon, early evening – this may be why I am up after midnight. One hour naps Sam. One hour. Not two and three.

We got two more rats. Pepper and Ash. I wanted Fire Hydrant and Extinguisher but the boys didn’t like those names. What do they know! I got to pick them this time – they are so cute. We have to quarantine them for two weeks then put the cages close to each other before putting them in the same space.

Today I didn’t try to talk myself out of going to the gym but I went too early – I should’nt be doing crazy cardio right before training only after. So now I gotta make sure I don’t spend more than 20 minutes warming up.

BTW – I still miss my Pixel. I can’t set my alarms to Spotify music natively. I don’t like the design of the new Pixel and I am waiting to see what they are going to do with Fitbit.

I noticed that some apps don’t create connectors for BI software, so I either have to first export to csv then ETL, but am wondering if I can make my own APIs and skip that export step. For example, I can get my data directly from AppX and into BI instead of using some random third party, probably uncertified, connector. It’s like the Wild West of connectors out there – some are free, others cost a torso. There are so many, but I don’t know if they are regulated. How do you determine safety of these things?

We don’t get into details on formats for exchanging data across web services until chapter 13 which is another course or two away – I’ve been reading ahead šŸ™‚ Definition wise, I now know the difference between JSON and XML – application wise … I have no idea. I know what I want to do but I don’t know the best way to do it. I have to check-in with our CTO – I will ask him my questions, he should be able to give me some direction – where to look or what to look for.

I saw this beautiful leaf on the sidewalk – I love the color and all the curls/overlaps

Found this neat visual on language origins. I will show you later. Going back to bed now.

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