Tue Dec 07:

We got the go-ahead from IT to install Windows 11 – I get all excited again only to have to wait AGAIN!!! This is what PC Health Check says:

WTF yo! Great news my ass! I already knew it was coming – I thought it was here!

I’m getting that feeling of being disorganized again. I think it happens once or twice per quarter. I’m gonna use part of the week to review my notes and to do list – I think this is why I hate having info in multiple places – it’s really easy for me to forget or ignore an alarm when I start getting too many. With that said – I know what I need to do before the end of the week. I like working during the holidays – it gives me time to reflect and re-org for the new year.

My Power BI dash still isn’t done and it’s December – I encountered a few new hurdles, but nothing I cannot overcome – I want to show it to my boss before we break for the holidays and fully launch it for 2022 – that would make me happy. And maybe him too. šŸŽ¶ Transformers. Robots in disguise. More than meets the eyes šŸŽ¶

Sometimes I don’t realize how well a thing is working for me until I change it – and I will change it because I feel it can be better somehow, more efficient, more convenient, more fun and then sometimes I end up back where I started. And sometime maybe I just re-org cause I got shit tonnes of energy and no way to expend it. For work stuff – I like the at-a-glance view of things. I would like to collect all my activities, regardless of which app its from, in one place – my Asana shit, my Calendars shit, my To-Do shit, my Post-It notes scribbles on my desk shit. ugh!

Oh! Fab news – I slept for six hours, woke up twice but didn’t stay awake long – I’d say I was back to sleep within minutes. Today also I did not nap in the afternoon – AND I killed it at the gym:

  • Treadmill @ 7x30s at 7 speed and 45s rest at 3 speed ( I couldn’t do seven today, not even once – did 6.5s instead)
  • 10 min Stair climber
  • 10 min Precore
  • 10 min Row machine
  • 5 min bike
  • 50g of Roasted salted almonds
  • 20 min Sauna
  • 15 min Shower

Plus, before leaving for the gym, I was cleaning up – from now on I have to force myself to stay physically busy, that way I won’t sleep. Today I rearranged the living room, cleaned and rolled up the rug and started cleaning the hallway closets.

Tell me why it is that when Matt reads to himself with is door closed, I can hear him? I know you’re deaf in one ear but Jesus!

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