Thu Nov 18:

Dad’s planning a visit from Dec 15 to 30. Or maybe from Dec 18. It’s a plan but I am very excited and I will have him all to myself – not that I didn’t like his gf, but she sees him all the time and so does my younger brother. But I am making assumptions – sometimes you can live with someone and still miss them because you don’t spend any time together or you spend time doing the same shit so it’s just routine – I feel like spending time together grocery shopping or watching a movie on the couch is different from spending time having dinner at a restaurant then going to a movie – and BTW …

If my man takes out his phone to check social media garbage while we’re out having dinner or doing our together shit, I will take that phone and force it down his fuckin’ throat along with a portion of his last meal and leave him for dead. He’d better pray that shit ain’t a Max or Pro something “You love social media so much, eat it!!! There’s your time, there’s my time; this was supposed to be our time muthafucka.” Then I’ll go home, dig a pit in the backyard and have a bottle of wine while I watch all his shit burn. Good riddance! My reaction may come off as a bit excessive but I done explained to him more than thrice that our time is for us to reconnect and get reacquainted, so … he can’t get mad at me. Hmm… If some guy reads this who could potentially be my future bf he might change his mind – Please just know that I am joking. Until I’m not!

I see people at the gym sitting on machines, and texting or doing whatever they’re doing between sets … You can’t leave your phone alone for an hour or two to focus on your fitness. I know some people will use workout apps while at the gym but those are usually the people on mats. And sometimes you might look up how to use a machine but if you’re between sets then you already know how, so what are you doing? Wasting time and inconveniencing others. As you know, I do a lot of people watching.

This BI dash should be up and running by the end of the month – I found a guy on YouTube. I really like how he explains things and there are also the two women I usually follow for Excel and Teams stuff, I’ll be alright because they also have Power BI videos. Hip Hip. Power to the BI.

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