Fri Nov 26:

I decided I am not going to get an Apple Watch as much as I love the features and the look – Fuck Apple. (Mind subject to change without notice). Now that I am active I really do want a wearable again and the next FitBit likely won’t show up till H2 2022. Why can’t they make the watch work with Andriod devices – Apple reminds me of Microsoft in some ways GRRRRRRRRR … I don’t want to fuckin use Safari or your shitty Maps and I told you that already so why you keep asking!!! Why did I go back to iPhone again? Oh yeah, it was supposed to make it easier for me to talk to my fam – but I don’t want to talk to these fuckers anyway! (Famalam! That was a joke!) Sometimes I feel like I gotta say I’m joking cause people don’t always seem to be able to tell. But I am not going to say to you I am joking all the time cause you should know.

I am seriously considering going back to my Pixel 3 XL for now. The only app that comes to mind that I will really miss on the iPhone is Notability – I miss the easy customizability of my Pixel – I can choose fonts and change the shape of the icons, etc. We’ll see, I don’t want to make any snap judgements. Maybe I should just keep an Android and an iPhone on hand for every time I change my mind.

Yesterday I ate french fries covered in duck fat – but I didn’t feel so bad about it, as you know, I’ve held off calling myself a vegan or vegetarian (although I might not have communicated that effectively) because dairy products are difficult for me to avoid and sometimes animal products do sneak into my food, like when I bought a vegetarian roti platter and likely the roti was fried in ghee. So … until my conscience and gut and skin and purchased products are clear of any animal stuff I will not attach a VEGAN label to myself – BUT my ultimate goal remains – I want to be a vegan again because I love animals and I love the planet. And I am more aware now of how the pieces fit.

Hmmm alternatively, I could become a cannibal and eat humans who are vegans. That would make me a vegan too; by proxy, right? BUT … If I consider humans animals I cannot eat them either. When we are good at putting people/animals into different categories for reasons we justify to ourselves and can convince others to get on board with those categorizations then … historically, all types of hell breaks loose and we have the “right” reasons for doing all the wrong things.

I’m hunting vegans!!! You gonna come with?

And recently I read that octopus, lobsters, and I believe crabs are considered sentient beings because they can feel pain and learn (we had to wait for a UK study to tell us that? Like we didn’t already know AND even if we didn’t – would any of us like to be thrown into a pot of boiling water or have our limbs ripped off while alive?) If your answer happens to be yes, I hope you’re vegan cause I’m coming for ya! šŸŽ¶ Put all ya hands where my eyes can see šŸŽ¶

I have a book recommendation from my boss that you might like to read, Sapiens – I cannot start it until I finish the work-related must-read book. Also, he showed us a clip of some pastor telling people to say a pray, or something, and they won’t get COVID. Or they could have been praying for COVID to go away from the planet – Unfortunately the new COVID variant Omicron didn’t hear them.

The whole point of talking about all this is cause I am only supposed to be eating 1400 calories a day according to my meal plan from La Fitness. So – I got out my little scale and my meal portion container and I refreshed MyFitnessPal info. NOW … let’s see how long it takes for me to say, “Fuck it! Measuring and counting shit just takes the joy out of eating.” I kinda want to promise myself I won’t say that, but I know me. So I am not going to make any promises to myself – I will just work at looking at things differently and try to remember why I am doing all this in the moment and not ignore my reminders for tracking my meals – is this why people eat pre-made frozen dinners cause then you just have to scan a barcode. Or maybe that’s why people sign up for those meal diet programs – cause they customize your meals for you.

I rebuke satan, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, misinformationism, human/animaltrafficingism, fakenewsism, fakefriendsism, fakefoodism, and climatechangeism, materialism, stupididiotassism. I rebuke all -isms. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Problems solved!


Wish me luck and a good night’s rest. Oh the sexy boxer at the gym knows my name šŸ™‚

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