Sat Dec 04:

Can you do keto while having plant based diet? My head hurts. I was fine all day then I woke up in the evening with a headache. Before today, the last time I drew was Nov 13. I am neglecting my hobbies.

My ex stopped by to visit with his family. Young children are noisy but in a different way than teenage boys. I don’t know why, but every time the boys are play fighting, Matt has to run into my room, of course Dré follows then they end up touching all my shit. The other day I told Matt, “If you don’t get out right now, you won’t be waking up in the morning.”

🎶 Loving you, is easy cause you’re beautiful. Everyday of my life is built for loving you. Loving you, I see the sun comes shining through. Do be, do be, be do. Oooooh 🎶 Is it easy to love someone who is beautiful vs someone who is ugly? What about people who are beautiful on the outside but rotten and smelly on the inside or vice versa? I cannot love anybody who is smelly or well … maybe I can love them but I cannot spend time with them – I will send virtual hugs and kisses. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it also in the beholder’s nose? What if your eyes tell you one thing but your nose tells you something else?

🎶 I love to love you bay bay 🎶 So I went to refresh my poems but I didn’t like either one anymore. I’m gonna use the haiku format but I am gonna write about whatever the hell I want, not just nature, but I will save the senryu for human emotion stuff and extend either to a tanka when I can. I don’t know too many French poets or French poetry format types.

Good night! 🙂

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