Sat Dec 18:

Guess what! Guess what! GUESS WHAT!!! Windows 11 is downloading šŸ™‚

I’ve been sick as a rhino since Thursday – Wednesday I was feeling carefree, like the breeze (that’s from a song. I think) Then this shit just hit me like a tonne of steel reinforcement pipes (rebars) Thursday morning. I did make it to the gym on Friday. Before going the boys insisted I have a COVID test. But I know I wasn’t COVID sick because this sinus thing happens to me once, sometimes twice a year. I did one of the rapid tests Matt got from school. Negative. Which I already knew – but it felt good to know for sure and I wouldn’t have to worry about infecting anyone, at least not with COVID.

My Friday workout was resistance training. I’ve been sleeping and laying about for most of the day, since Thursday. I hate being sick. Especially when I cannot breathe properly sick.

I read an article somewhere that there is a pilot program where police are teaming up with mental health care workers to respond to wellness check calls. This is good but I wonder why they cannot train these guys to do this themselves. Just like we have homicide and narcotics police, why can’t we have mental health/wellness check police. You know that saying about not being able to teach an old rat new tricks, I don’t believe that to be true. And if you tell yourself certain things you may automatically believe it and not even try to do things differently.

Also – DISCLAIMER: This is the uninformed opinion of Samantha Williams:

I think police officers should be promoted based on the number of community connections/involvement they have. (how to count that? I don’t know) There are lots of unsolved cases out there, people get away with murder all the time. Community involvement is essential to solving cases – if people won’t talk to you because they don’t trust you and there is no genetic material, latent prints left at the scene then … You can find close-rate data online if you’d like.

Well … Dad’s not going to make it because the lab is so backed up, that by the time he gets his results they won’t be valid anymore.

You know if compassion, empathy, common sense, listening to our scientists and whatever else is required for equal distribution of vaccines, I wonder if we would have had another variant? Some countries in Africa were the last to get vaccinated and have the lowest vaccination rates and VOILA !!! – a new variant is born. What do you expect! Are we going to learn? Probably not! Politics will get in the way again and again and again. (I feel like I may have ranted about this before – it bothers me. deeply. And it could have been any country and I would have been just as bothered!) You can look up the vaccine rates too if you’d like. And I still don’t understand vaccine hoarding – unless you can use the old vaccine on new strains? And Covax isn’t living up to its promise. They say doses are scarce but if people are hoarding how do you get an accurate count?

Well – I’m done being bothered; for now at least. Installing Windows 11 will make me happy and take my mind off my sinus headache shit and world issues shit.

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