Fri Nov 12:

I met a cute guy.

He was like, “Are you gonna use that machine?”

And I was like, “No!”

Dré woke me up for the gym … “Mom! Mom!”


“Isn’t it time for you to get ready for the gym?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m up. I’m up”

The tables have turned. (I don’t get that saying). I thanked him for checking on me before I left. I’m already feeling the difference when I do my cardio, I can maintain a 147-153 bpm while on the precor for over 10 minutes. I can sprint without feeling like I’m going to die from lack of oxygen.

Used a balance board for the first time ever. It was fun – I had to balance while doing squats with a kettlebell, while throwing and catching a medicine ball and there was something else. … Oh, I pushed this heavy sled thing back and forth. I love these combo moves. In the next week or two, I will be moving to Mon, Wed, Fri – this will be good I think because I have the entire weekend to work on art and Python.

I figured out how to work with smudgy things like chalk – I go from top to bottom and I try not to touch the spots I already work on

Variables, conditionals and loops; oh my!

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