Wed Dec 15:

You know … COVID used to be an annoying little brother, now he’s an abusive husband. He might get rid of me before I can get rid of him and every minute he just keeps fucking up my shit. Our holiday party got cancelled. I was totally stoked, now I’m just totally unstoked and a little bit TOed and a little bit sad cause I was looking forward to hugging everybody, whether they wanted a hug or not. Fuck your personal space bitch! I love you!

So now … Me is gonna get drunk and high; this is how I deal with disappointments. FYI: There isn’t enough salt on these roasted salted almonds. How come I never see roasted, salted walnuts?

My boss sent an email yesterday evening about the party being cancelled and I totally missed it – since I assist the team administratively and I am not lead on any projects, I don’t check my mail first thing in the morning. I do double check my calendar every morning and I say double check because I prepare for my meetings the week before. So once I check my calendar, I just jump in and start working. It’s possible that I could have ended up in London tomorrow, but I will usually check my mail before lunch and once more at the end of the day.

My trainer told me I don’t have to go gyming tomorrow. I just gonna take easy. Yesterday I couldn’t complete my run, achilleas heel pain – this morning I woke up and I was fine, then I remembered that years ago before I ran my first half-marathon, my physio lady told me I needed orthotics but I didn’t bother to get them and I ran my half and I felt fine. Was a bit sore the next day but no pain. Yesterday yo! I tried but I couldn’t do it, so I just modified my workout – did the precore and the stairs and the bike. And I felt like I wasn’t on my A-game today, but dude told me not to worry, “Don’t rush. We have time!”

After I told him how Tuesday went, he decided we’d do core work. “I don’t need my core to run!” He didn’t think that was funny. BTW – I hate doing core work. I told him, “Just give me something to do and I will try it and if it hurts we can do something else.” He didn’t go for that.

Next Tuesday I have an appointment to get measure for ortho insoles. I gotta take care of whatever I can take care of cause I must get this ultramarathon off my bucket list.

I saw Dee today – I dropped off some food items that I don’t need anymore – Thai jasmine rice, three different Pepper North hot sauces, hot pot noodles, oyster sauce and some other stuff.

My dad can still come to TO – the restrictions don’t apply to him and he already got his booster. We decided not to rent a vehicle anymore. For now.

My head feels like it’s on fire. I don’t like the flavor of this one – it taste like burnt hair, ass and garbage truck juice. Could you imagine they had flavors like that … Coffee Flavored Urine. Athlete’s Foot. Chocolate Salty Balls (nod to South Park), Homeless. Hopelessness (what would hopeless taste like? I feel it would be bland). “Hi! I’ll have the Truffle Butter.” I’m about to vomit.

OR supposed they described it like they describe wine.

Full-Bodied in focus and feel, offering a core of Heartache and Durian stitched nicely with hints of Defeat and Regret, with a subtle FML edge that threads the finish. Drink now through 2026.

Sam and LCBO

Good night!

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