Wed Dec 29:

Me met lady in sauna – she told me all about sauna tradition in Russia. I learned two words, “Ban-ya” and “Ven-kee,” and another that I cannot spell even phonetically – but it is a way to wish someone well, like, “May the heat from the ban-ya bring you good fortune.” (something like that).

She told me I should always cover my head – so I did with my towel. And I should try to take a cold shower right after I get out, and I did, and my heart stopped for a few seconds, but I’m alright now – obviously. They use special oils somewhere in the ban-ya and you inhale them and it makes you feel good. They have leaves/branches (ven-kee) from a tree to massage you when you get too hot, which helps remove toxins from your body. After a ban-ya session, she also told me about laying in the snow and looking up at the stars. Cool right!!!

There is a Russian sauna in Newmarket, and I found a Korean sauna in Maple (I can’t remember, it may be somewhere else). Both I will visit in 2022. A new item for my bucket list – travel the world to sit in saunas.

On another note, I am busy cleaning out the storage room and giving away stuff I no longer need. Found a few art books from Dee’s OCADU days. Still, I am trying to figure out how to get art in every day, but I don’t want to cut down on my sauna time – that’s what I look forward to after working hard.

Saw the boxer today, and yes, he looked even cute-er than I remember. I reserve the right to change my mind about being over him, ok! Good!
I now officially have my standing desk – hooray. Finally got the legs I’ve been waiting for from IKEA. I’ve invested a lot into my home office – it’s better than any office I ever worked in ever – AND BONUS … my bed is right there, so I don’t have to sleep under my desk like George.

mi sauna es tu sauna!

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