Fortunate Abundance (Sonnet VIII)

Watching the ballgame How many innings remain Who's playing again Do I care to know Never mind. I don't think so We order the drinks Please can I get … a Strawberry margarita A draft Heineken Chinwags aplenty My brain and belly sated Applebee's Friendly's Ready for home and bed now Wow! That was way... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VII

The Background: André keeps bugging me to order food from KINTON RAMEN The Convo: Me: I am not ordering ramen again. If you want ramen so bad, go buy one of the packets. Boil an egg, fry some bacon and chop a green onion. André: Mom! That's not the same. Think about it. That's like... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VI

The Background: It's pandemic season. I'm taking a break from work to make lunch, and André, my 16-year-old, is bugging me because he wants me to look at something. The Convo: André: Mom look at this. Look what I can do. Me: Can't right now. I have to finish this and get back to work.... Continue Reading →

A Farewell (CW8-2015)

Instructed to write this prompt in three stanzas (before, during, after) I remember it well. The doctors called us in, sat us down and said, "Your mom has about two weeks left to live." My sister started to cry. I was numb. "There's nothing else we can do." They continued, "No more chemo. We've exhausted... Continue Reading →

Miss Janice

My Grandmother died recently; January 25, 2020. She fell at 96. My uncle believes if it weren't for the subsequent respiratory infection she received while at the hospital she would still be here. I regret not going to her 95th birthday celebration - but, by the time I rounded up the correct documents to get... Continue Reading →


The Background: Matt received a merit award. The school gives them out for highest raise in overall grade average in a reporting period. His average is 79%. The Convo: Matt: Mom look! - He whips out the certificate and puts it on the fridge. Me: How do you want to celebrate? Matt: Can we go... Continue Reading →


It's summer. I don't keep track of the boys' comings and goings. Struggling to do it during the school year is enough. What this means? They are left to lead their lives how they see fit. Often, when I get up for work at 3:45 am Matt is still awake. And I think "geeze! Should... Continue Reading →

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