Thu Nov 25:

Yay! Finally! Got to have drinks after work with my boss and Jer – BUT … I almost didn’t cause I forgot my wallet. lol. I think I would have cried if they turned me away. My boss was like, “Are you doing this on purpose!” Dré to the rescue! He texted me a pic of my license! I’m surprised he didn’t say, “See mom! Aren’t you happy that I ain’t got shit to do all day?” The guy at the restaurant said he will remember me next time.

Yesterday, Dré and I were watching a true crime show where this thirty-something dude had to move into his parents’ garage because he lost his job:

“Mom. I don’t wanna be living with you when I’m thirty.”

“I don’t want you living with me now.”

“Ok. I’ll move out at twenty-nine!”

I stopped at the physio place to make an appointment – my wrist is acting up again. The lady not available till Tuesday and the receptionist reminded me that I didn’t complete my last set of treatment sessions. (But I was feeling better 😦 )

Since I was out all day – I am hoping I will sleep for at least six hours tonight – it’s rainy and cool; perfect weather for sleeping.

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