Thu Nov 11:

It’s Rememberance Day! I cannot say Happy Rememberance Day. Maybe Somber Rememberance Day.

Made some headway with PowerBI tonight … was able to load data and create a chart but I think if I load before I transform it I can’t change the data type later. Well … so far I don’t see a way to do it. But I like working with Power BI better that PowerMetric so far. AND – I’m even seeing stuff on Python data visualization but I’m not gonna go there yet. AND I still have to try getting data from other sources. This is very cool, I’m really liking figuring all this out.

I napped for too long and missed my gym window – I wouldn’t have gotten there with enough time to workout before they close; but I did get outside and do some walking. Now its 12:30 am and I am wide awake working on PowerBI with Surrogates and Matt’s music playing in the background. This movie reminds me of what FB may be trying to do with Meta

I’m gonna get back to PBI – Peanut Butter and Information šŸ™‚

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