Tue Nov 23:

A quote from Hit Refresh – I think Satya is still the CEO of Microsoft and I love this entire book because it’s about change/transformation. I also love the comparisons he makes between cricket and business leadership. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to whip out this book earlier and read some of the inspiring pieces previously marked up. Probably because I am doing some rethinking – If a behemoth can transform for the better then so can we! Right?! So can anybody!!! I think I got turned on to this book from a McKinsey Co. reading list or something like that.

Going back to my days as an engineer, I’ve used the following mental model to capture how I manage time:

Employees. Customers. Products. Partners. Each element needs time, attention and focus if I am going to create the value for which I am ultimately accountable. All four are important and without discipline even the best managers can overlook one or more. Employees and products command our attention every day, as they are closest to us; customers provide the resources we need to do anything, so they also command energy. But partners provide the lift we need to soar. They help us see around corners, help us locate new opportunities we might not see alone.

Since becoming a CEO I now recognize there are many more constituents in this constellation. Governments and communities, for example are critical too. There has to be a disciplined approach in which all of these players see the value of a company, of its products and services. Maximizing value comes from the well-being and vibrancy of all these constituents.

Satya Nadella – Hit Refresh

Woke up this morning ready to get it on with PBI – Instead I was troubleshooting shit. “Microsoft! Why am I having trouble getting two of your products, PBI and SharePoint, to talk to each other?” I know PBI is young but I don’t care. It’s still Microsoft. Then my laptop froze and I said screw it and got caught up on some reading instead. I gotta get this PBI shit done though – I’m prepared to give a weekend to it if necessary I need to have the first draft dash up by the end of Nov – I can always tweak for improvements but I need to get it up – as you know, I hate working on things for long without seeing results.

I do my focus work early in the morning from 4:oo to 11:00 am is best, then again in the evening after six pm. I don’t check my emails till the afternoon first thing, I try to get at least one substantial thing done before noon.

I owe work four hours – I have to make it up this week.

After my workout I stopped at the grocery store – I admired the cakes and gummies but I didn’t buy any. But by the time I got to the pizza I couldn’t resist. Mushroom Mania by Dr. Oetker. And I got club soda and kombucha instead of soda.

šŸŽ¶ I can change, I can change. I can still change ā€¦ I can still change. šŸŽ¶

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