Sun Nov 21:

I spent the entire weekend learning French on Duo so I could advance to the Pearl league in first place 🙂 I did it with over 2000 XP … I have six days to advance to obsidian – want to make sure I stay in the top three to get rewards then after that I will be in gold league – that’s the top league. Basically, I neglected Python and art to be Number One and Win One Hundred Lingots (which I cannot do much with anyway). FYI – I can be a tad bit competitive at times.

Learned fun stuff today, idoms and flirting in French.

“Salut beau gosse. Tu me plais! Comment tu t’appelles?” I suck at flirting in English. Actually, I never learned how to flirt? I’ll just say awkward shit that will immediately turn people off. And of course I have learned from nightlife observations that women aren’t expected to be direct – but I disagree with that. “If you buy me a drink it will taste awful because I don’t find you attractive. Please leave me alone!” I think it is good to say how I feel because I am doing him a favour – instead of wasting time with me, he can go on to find someone else.

Will I be better at flirting it in French? I hope so. Everything sounds better en Français: “Salut beau gosse, j’ai des symptĂ´mes de la syphilis mais nous pouvons toujours avoir des relations sexuelles si vous voulez vivre dangereusement.” See! Doesn’t that sound sexy? I don’t know if that is completely accurate, I used Google Translate. I don’t know why, but I like the word “syphilis.” It reminds me of Al Capone.

Duo had tutors now. Did I tell you? I have to see how much it costs n if it is worth it. And also I can help others learn English. Once I don’t have to teach them how to spell it will be alright.

I drank an entire Dr. Pepper for the first time today and I liked it – it needs to be brain freeze cold for the medicine taste and smell to go away.

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