Tue Nov 09:

I made it to the gym even though it was raining and I found me talking myself out of going. While in the sauna I was wondering if I am a good person. Sometimes I feel icky – I would like to judge myself by my actions and not my thoughts but my thoughts bother me. Ultimately, I hope I am a good person, but how can I be sure? I wrote a poem and made a note to remember my besideme book for the next time I’m in the sauna.

Bossman gave everyone a book to read – that is mostly what I did today. Read and think. I also spent part of the day looking at how I can rearrange my OKRs and what my 2022 objectives will be.

It’s 11:30 pm – I should be sleeping and I gotta get to the office tomorrow morning. I think I will spend the day there and go straight to the gym. I need an extra five hours in every day.

I think too much – but we already knew that šŸ™‚

I have to rename my old journal – I hope you had a wonderful day and told everyone, “I love you!” Don’t be stingy with your love, but only do it if you mean it.

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