Mon Dec 13:

Hello Madame. I need one heat pack for every part of my body. Heat pack! Heat pack! Heat pack! I’m feeling good but I haven’t been eating well. Got a massage on my arm from my trainer today – Over the weekend when I was cleaning, I pulled the chair and I felt this, “that’s not right” feeling in my upper arm. So … all we did was legs and he told me not to worry about it affecting my training, we can always modify so as not to aggravate it and if it doesn’t feel better within a week – I go get an assessment from physio.

Tomorrow is our last roadmap meeting before the end of the year. I have mixed feelings about Matrix Resurrections but I will likely end up watching it anyway. Dré got his second vaccine today. Just in time for going out to eat with grandpa.

I am looking forward to spending Thursday night in London Ontario – I kinda wasn’t planning to but my boss would prefer I did. I guess a hotel room makes more sense than me sleeping in my car, which is what I was planning to do if I felt like I wasn’t up to driving. La dee da!

The boys got hair cuts, them look so cute. I have dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon – I will start work early so I can do my full 8 hrs – if my body can handle it – otherwise I will book offline time and make it up before Friday. I also want to wake up early Thursday so I can get to the gym before having to leave for London office.

How come they don’t have drag kings? Or maybe they do and I just don’t know about it.

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