Sun Dec 12:

Redbull won the 2021 FI race. Mercedes is protesting though, I don’t know if the outcome will change.

I went all the way to Dundas West to get my stick vacuum – they were sold out at every other nearby Canadian Tire. Then I spend the rest of the day clean and trying to bond with Zoe. Slowly. Slowly. I chill out on the floor and wait for her to stop by and hang out with me. I am also having to re-potty train her, I made the stupid mistake of moving the litter box so I have to start over.

Matt wants to get rid of their cages and once they are “fixed” they can run about outside together. I still have to do more bunny proofing and I cannot neglect the rats.

I got my year in review from Duolingo and I may start learning Japanese again – but remember my French conversation fluency is set for March 2022. I have work to do.


Apparently I am a Superstar Learner so they recommended I could learn more than one language at the same time and become a Curious Polyglot – I’m there yo! Language Goals for 2022 – The top languages I love are Japanese, Korean, Russian and French – in that order. Fluency in French is important to me, and yes, I would love to become fluent in the other and of course you already know I wish I could speak every language in the whole entire universe and beyond and learn about all the cultures and food. I just love how the character in the other three languages look. They’re beautiful to me. AND I also love how all four of them sound. They sound beautiful. They look beautiful, I wonder if they feel beautiful too – Oh Russian, I love you, come join me for a nap šŸ™‚

Hello Bunny. Good night šŸ™‚ – It is almost two hours past my bedtime. Zoe doesn’t want to go back in her cage. (now cage sounds so wrong to me). ugh!

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