Wed Nov 10:

I walked with all my gym stuff but I was so tired I left at my usual time 3:00 pm – Then on my way home they shut down part of the line, some idiot was playing on the train tracks. I was going to Uber but what would have cost me ~ 35$ was over 70$ … I hate when they do that. I ended up walking from Yonge and College to Yonge and Bloor. By the time I got up there, they musta got dude off the tracks or they just said fuck it, turned that shit back on and electrocuted him/her/they/them. Why you gotta do your crazy shit just before rush hour?

By the time I got home, I had less than an hour to nap. But I made it to the gym just in time. “Did you warm up?”

“Does running for the bus count?”

“Ok. Don’t worry. Let’s get started.”

I still have no idea if running for the bus counts or not! Dude just fully ignored my question. I wanted to get home badly, I didn’t even use the sauna. BTW – Equinox is inviting me back at a discounted price but I am already where I am and I love my trainer.

“Two more. One more. One more. One more.” Da fuck!?! Do you not know math!

I had to add a message via quote block to my Decadent poem because people think the first line is a typo but it is not – the “am” is meant to be there twice because if the reader notices it and doesn’t mentally auto-correct, it gives you pause like, “Does she want to say, ‘I am a good person!’ or is she saying ‘Am I a good person?'” (That is also why I didn’t use any punctuations in the poem – I was thinking about how I could say the same thing with brackets but it wouldn’t work.) And maybe in the process of trying to figure out what I mean, you will ask yourself the same question. Or you could say, “This poem is stupid! She didn’t even proofread it properly!”

That’s the best part of poetry, it can be whatever it needs to be to the reader but as the author, Decadent is meant to be unsettling – Matt’s been sharing a few of my poems with his friend and she like it – I asked him when he is going to start writing again but he doesn’t know.

And getting back to my original question, we have test to tell how intelligent someone is or what personality type they fall into and even how psychopathic they are but do we have a test for goodness? Maybe we do and I am not aware. This is where my head is at and I intend to explore it.

BTW … (I almost forgot what I was going to say.) My official number is seven on the enneagram scale.

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