Am I am a good person
Head to toe
Thru and true

I judge others
Though I do not wish to
I think I am superior
In a different class than you
Yes I know better
But those thoughts still come through

Infected with emotions of …
I love to hold a grudge
Some things are too wrong to forgive
I would rather it eat me alive
Twist me inside
Until I’m someone I no longer recognize

Relational aggression
Wounding others is my obsession
Indulgent in my toxicity
Revenge inebriated
Simmering … Ever ready to boil over

Unaware of all my biases
Looking at the world
Through confirmation glasses
Can I tell you who not to be
Just look at me

But there is this other side
Who truly longs to be
Can I live with this dichotomy


I realize it may seem like it but the first line is NOT a typo.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that! 🙂


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