Sun Nov 28:

I woke up to snowdust then it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing. Oh yeah, I need snowshoes that I can wear with jogging pants etc. Maybe need is a bit strong. I am better at screening myself prior to making purchases. I would like a pair of Vans winter boots. I will always and forever support Vans; I love what they stand for. Off the wall!

It’s the holiday season already! Can you believe it? This year went by quickly for me. Today I cleaned the fridge and cupboards – did some kitchen reorg. Trying to make it easier for to (not a mistake) plan my meals and grab what I need when I need it, instead of grabbing my phone and placing an order. I am realizing how twisted my concept of portions was. No wonder I’m fat AF. Well, actually, I don’t know how fat Fuck is so forget I said that. I realize also that I do a lot of mindless munching but now that I have to measure everything, I can’t just throw some sunflower or pumpkin seeds in my mouth and walk away.

I’m officially over my Asian food crazy – that lasted a few years. Likely because it is hard to find tasty vegan options – I had veggie dumplings from this one place a few months back, they were just ok. Definitely not as flavourful as the pork ones. Can you all put some effort into your vegan options plz? You can’t just slap vegetables in where meat used to be and expect me to fall in love. Next time I am in NYC I have to go to that vegan restaurant I found; the five-star one that made a complete switch. I can’t remember the name but they are in my Want to Go list in Google Maps. I am even over vegan kimchi.

I bought karela – my mom used to force me to eat that along with beef liver as a kid – not at the same time. Part of me remembers how to prepare it but I’m looking for a recipe. The lady who shopped for my groceries from Organic Garden was really sweet – AND I didn’t go over my food budget, including the tip. You proud a me? It don’t matta. I’m proud a me!

I had a sex dream – I can’t remember it very well. I’d like for my alarm to know not to interrupt me when I am sex dreaming.

Now that I am getting comfortable with PBI, I will get back to my Python course and arting – balance is foreign to me, it’s hard for me to say, “I will spend an hour on this then an hour on that.” Because often I can get on a roll and when I am on a roll that is the worst time to stop just cause I said I would only spend x amount of time on something. šŸŽ¶I can’t stop. You can’t stop me. So bitch don’t try. We true soldiers, we don’t die. We keep rollin’, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah šŸŽ¶ This week I am going to try pulling data in from Confluence and Asana and Hubspot – Well Hubspot is first priority.

I had a cauliflower burger w/ kale, keenwah and butternut squash for lunch. I still have 232 calories remaining, 22 g of protein, 42g of carbs and 5g of fat.

I’m ready to complete my full left-hand sleeve with more sacred geometry symbols, Buddhist mantras, flowers and blending to bring it all together. I wanna have it ready for summer 2022.

Soldier on!

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