Mon Nov 29:

It’s great that I am gaining muscle but I’d like to lose some weight also. Soon I’ll look like a sumo wrestler (ok I’m exaggerating a lot a little bit but still). I told the boys they can’t be up mad late doing noisy shit anymore – I’m still struggling to get six hours a night but I need it now more than ever. I will try intermittent fasting again but I want to make sure I am fueling my body right. BTW – this food measuring thing isn’t so bad – I’m getting used to it. And when my workouts are mad hard – I look forward to the sauna, drinking my spinach smoothie when I get home and fantasizing about the sexy-er badass I’m about to become. It gets me through …

šŸŽ¶ I try to entertain you the best I can. I wish I’d started walking before I ran. And I still love the feeling I get from you. I hope you’ll never stop cause, it gets me through yeah. da da da da da. It gets me through yeah. šŸŽ¶

I like watching that Discovery show on the tow guys who have to clean up the highways, I think it’s called Heavy Rescue 401 – I wanna be a boom operator. And BTW – how come when adults had to get their COVID vaccine they didn’t have fun puppets and mascots out for us? No fair!

I’m really not feeling Christmas this year – I think I am just going to give the boys money early and call it George. (I don’t know who George is, but that’s a saying.) That will remove the gift-buying stress – I don’t need it. It’s easy to shop for young kids – toys. toys. toys. Then clothes. clothes. clothes. Then wtf idk. wtf idk. wtf idk. fml.

Yo! The Boy bought pizza today and he tried to hide it from me so I wouldn’t get tempted – and I was for a little bit but I had my smoothie and my Chex cereal w/ almond milk. He asked me if I have any cheat days. “I can’t do cheat days brah!” Next thing you know, every day is a cheat day and then I’m fucked. Again! Last Thursday my boss brought Timbits into the office and I didn’t have a single one! I can do this!!!

Who wants to get fucked by food? Some do! Some do!

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