Mon Nov 22:

I’m making my bucket list – In addition to running at least one ultramarathon, I wanna go for a joy ride in a fire truck and any cars that don’t get out of my way I can crash into them and keep going till I run out of gas. I’m gonna create a Make a Wish Foundation for adults because I also want to drive in F1 – I don’t care who for, I just wanna drive in an F1 Death Race. OMG, that will be so much fun. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just wanna destroy shit!

Yo … if FIFA comes to Toronto in 2026, I’m there!

I really badly want a pizza and beer and ice cream right now – but I’m putting good stuff in my belly today and then I will go to bed. Again, my trainer told me I’m genetically gifted. Sometimes he has me doing shit that will make other people stop what they’re doing to watch – That’s how cool the shit is … AND I learned from some of the other trainers, the shit he does with me, he doesn’t do with anyone else. Yeah!!!! Fuck Yeah!!! (The Boy thinks I swear too much)

And I got some encouragement from the sexy boxer dude! He was cheering me on šŸ™‚ You’d be pleased to know that today I didn’t try talking myself out of going to the gym – The Boy was checking on me again – He turned on my speaker, I turned on my music and was up!

I think after I’m super fit, I wanna learn a martial art but I don’t know which one yet.

FYEYES – I like watching Bloodline Detective but I don’t like watching Nancy Grace. Zoe is bigger than Archie now with a stink attitude – “I’m a grown woman bitch. Don’t you fuckin’ pet me!” She looks at me like, “Did I ask you to bring me home?!?!??!!!!!!! I don’t owe you shit!!!!” (Heavy sigh … she’s just like a human child!)

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