Thu Dec 23:

Oxtail seasoned and chillin’ in the fridge. Dee and Sabs stopped by today – they went to Galleria to get the oxtail. All of a sudden, Foodland doesn’t carry it anymore. I’m gonna cook over there.

Yesterday I learned the difference between isometric and resistance training. And my trainer did this crazy Bulgarian split squat jump thing – it looked like he was running in mid-air. Art.

In my effort to get organized – I decided to make use of the multiple desktop feature – they had it in Windows 10 but I didn’t use it then and now it feels more intuitive. And now also I think I need it more than ever to keep my different workstuff separate – I have four work-related desktops, one for writing, one for Python, etc. And now also I can have fewer tabs open per Chrome window. Win-win Windows. BUT … I also wish I could have separate themes in each virtual window

The other thing I’ve learned in the last few months? It is best for me not to switch between big tasks – eg. PowerBI is different from Excel so if I am doing Dashboard stuff, I need to be able to work on PBI until I’m done because otherwise, it’s like I’m starting over every time I take a break – depending on how long the break is and I find that switching between Excel, if I am trying to configure a worksheet to do calculations, and PBI is sorta a bit more confusing because thems similar but not the same and because I am not an expert in either, my brain has a hard time switching.

So … in the new year, starting now – I will structure my days to have uninterrupted time to do PBI and Excel calculation stuff but no more switching between the two. This might be why I am more behind than I should be. Yes?

The Widget thing is just whatever – I thought I’d have more options for what I can display but not yet.

When are you supposed to use the heart on fire emoji? I think about the Springsteen song, but he was on fire in that case, which is a good thing. But for your actual heart to be on fire, that can’t be ok. And when would you even send that emoji? Maybe if you have heartburn? Does your heart feel like it’s on fire when it is attacking you? But who would have time to send a heart on fire emoji when being attacked, especially from the inside, because you cannot run away.

I think I am over the boxer guy at the gym. I don’t know exactly why, I just am. He’s like sliced bread now, nothing exciting. BTW I am slightly heavier than I was when I joined the gym and started working with my trainer, and when I last weighed in but I don’t look like I’ve gained weight and my clothes aren’t tight in the places they used to be tight in – Cool right!!! This is called body recomposition I think. AND I kinda get it, but I don’t. This is why, or part of the reason why, I am losing inches but not weight. So I am not going to worry about the weight loss because I feel great.

šŸŽ¶ She’s a brick. House. She’s mighty, mighty. Just letting it all hang out. šŸŽ¶

In the new year I promise myself that I will do my darndest to accept the things I cannot change by moving on with my life and changing the things I can, including things about myself, where/when I can. I will no longer stress about things I cannot control

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