Mon Nov 08:

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I know how to get data from a file with Python! Ha! šŸ™‚

Learning pivot tables and charts was way easier than learning these dashboard apps. In a way with Excel, everything was contained I didn’t have to do ETL because all the data was being entered into one spreadsheet. Now!!! I know nothing of authentication and bearer authorization access tokens and JSON vs XML data formats and encoding. Just bring over the God damn data and stop asking me a shit tonne a buncha questions alreadydata source configuration my butt!!! The fab news, I am encountering terminology we’ve started to touch on in Python. However, beginner exposure is very different from actually trying to get shit done … BUT it’s all good.

As usual, everything looks easy to me until I jump in and get bit by query parameter, random API and OAuth sharks. Data source configuration sharks are less scary than women who walk around naked in change rooms. When I’m frustrated, I go for a walk around the apartment, say hello to the pets, think about my attack plan, then get back to work. Sometimes I will also go into The Boy’s room, throw around clothes he has laying about, laugh, then leave. All he ever says is, “Why!”

BTW – He’s supposed to meet up with a teacher he’s known since kindergarten. She reached out and offered to help him with finding work and getting his GED. I thought that was above and beyond sweet. She’s always looked out for the boys and I don’t know if I’ve ever shown my appreciation – saying thank you is one thing but a real show of appreciation is another. Their gym teacher is like that too.

This morning my yellow fish was downsided at the bottom of the tank. I went to get the net to fish her out but got distracted; when I remembered, she wasn’t there anymore. She seems fine now – maybe she was resting her fins. Or maybe someone brought her back from the dead. Could there be a Stephen King-type pet cemetery in my fish tank – it only works if you die in a certain spot and you don’t come back all messed up. One fish, two fish, yellow fish, umbrella portabello fish (oooh – I can see it now)

Is all that ends well really well ended? As my sight goes, I’d like to think another sense is enhanced. I’m thinking about what if I had to trade one sense for another – Do you remember The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman? I will have to get back to you on what I would trade-in.

Sleep gripe!

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