Thu Dec 09:

šŸŽ¶ So what, so what, so what you want. šŸŽ¶

I didn’t go to the office yesterday or nor today. I had my massage in the evening and I wanted to get my marathon training in before my appointment. So … I haul ass to the physio place, standing in the room, happy to get my rub on and she says, “Please remove everything except your underwear.”

“I don’t wear underwear.”

“I’m sorry miss but I can’t give you a massage.”

“What you mean!? Ain’t you got no loaner panties? … … … … Don’t look at me like that bitch. It’s a legitimate question.”

“Miss please don’t swear at me and NO! We do not have loaner underwear.”

“Bitch ain’t a swear word bitch. It’s a term of endearment.” I smile and continue, “So ya’ll ain’t got loaner panties cause a COVID?

“No miss. We’ve never had loaner underwear.”

“What you saying!? I can’t be the first person who walked in here without panties! Unbeliveable!!!”

Short long story – that bitch called her manager, he threatened to call the cops so I had to leave. I’m tired of people giving me the “WTF is wrong with you!” look. Shhhhhhhhit!

I feel like I can’t keep up with all my usual shit – I think when this training and healthy eating stuff becomes second nature it will be easier for me to re-incorporate everything else. I’m disappointed but I’m not mad, you know. Do you think when I start arting again I will be really good and surprise myself šŸ™‚ That would be fantastic. One day oil and water will mix. Just like water and electricity.

šŸŽ¶ Niggas is mad I get more butt than astrays. Fuck a fair when I get mine the fast way. Skimask way. Nigga ransom notes … More guns than roses foes is shaking in they boots, invisible bully. Like The Gooch, disappear, vamoose, you wack to me. Take them rhymes back to the factory. I see, the gimmicks, the wack lyrics. Ya shit is depressing, pathetic, please forget it. You mad ’cause my style you’re admiring. Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring. You shoulda been a cop, fuck hip-hop. With that freestyle, you’re bound to get shot šŸŽ¶

UPS is hiring bitch! I remember when I first heard this remix. I don’t even know how many times I hit rewind. šŸŽ¶ Notorious. No-No-Notorious šŸŽ¶

I am going to go to bed and dream about pantyless massages.

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