Sat Nov 27:

Looks like I’m shaping up to be Apple’s bitch … the Pixel 3 is too old. I can’t go back and I am not buying a new phone in 2022.

I didn’t have breakfast today, which isn’t good I know. But – I tracked everything I ate šŸ™‚ I had a beyond meat and a mushroom risotto veggie burger from Dr Praegers along with Amy’s organic split peas soup and some mixed veggies. For snack, I had walnuts and Chex rice cereal w/ almond milk. AND I still have 415 calories remaining šŸ™‚ – 56 g of carbs, 21 g of fat and 9 g of protein. I updated the macronutrients based on my meal plan. A few times I forgot to measure my food but it only happened with the cereal and walnuts so it was easy to remedy.

The new and improved PBI dash is coming along – I have a few charts and a nice background – looking good, looking good. But how I did some of the calculations in Excel via pivot tables, they don’t seem to work the same – I’m figuring out how to get variance and percentage values.

So … normally I will tell my co-workers, and my boss, who have young children to kiss and hug them for me. And I will tell Jer to kiss and hug his finance too sometimes – the other day, in response, he says to me, “Kiss and hug the boys for me.” Then right after he says, “Why does it sound creepy when I say it.” lmao.

I love young children – they represent the unjaded versions of us – they are excited and hopeful and curious and adventurous.

The Boy found out I was napping – came in my room, turned on the light and sprayed water in my face. I’m not mad! Good looking out baby! (although … I think he enjoyed it a bit too much given the huge smirk. lol) I got about 30-60 min which is all I need. It’s 9:00 pm just about – bedtime soon.

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