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🎶 It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is something. He went to bed and he bumped his head. Couldn’t get up in the morning. 🎶

Dre and I went walking in the rain. We stopped at an Asian grocery store, and I got to see live crabs and fish swimming, but it was sad because I knew they would end up on someone’s plate after dying an abominable death. I wondered if they knew? 

“Why can’t we swim beyond these walls?” 

“What are all those tall pillar things with stuff sticking out of them?” 

“Who are those strange creatures with forward-facing eyes?”

“We’re not in Kansas anymore. Are we?”

RIP Fishy!

I’m totally over the Ice Cream Man. We texted back and forth a few times, but twice his spelling was “off.” I know I spell shit wrong, sometimes by mistake and mosttimes on purpose. But I know you, and you know me, so it’s different. But I just met this dude, and I don’t like it …

He called me candy-eyes when we met, but he spells it “Kandy.” And says things like, “Have a brite day.” ugh! wtf!

Call me judgemental if you want, but I am very particular about certain things. (including asking me to cook for you, inviting yourself over for dinner, heavy breathing for no reason and loud slurping/sipping – just wait for that shit to cool.) And technically, I don’t know him, so I can’t judge him, but I have a thing about proper spelling. This is my thing – because he could be anybody, and it would still bother me!

People I know spell things wrong in texts, but it doesn’t bug me as much cause I know thems intelligent people – but I don’t know yet if the Ice Cream Man is smart. Suppose he really thinks candy starts with a K; I have no idea!!!

I can be overly critical of myself and others; I might misspell a word and send off the email before realizing it, but once I do, days, hours, years later – it will bother me. And I will be upset with myself for a while. Maybe it would be different if we already had mind-blowing sex. But no! Fantastic sex cannot make up for “Kandy” and “Brite.” And now I will never know how great the sex could’ve been because I am no longer interested.  

Have I spent all this time explaining something unexplainable? Either way, let’s move on.

Since Dee told me I should write more epilogues, like Goldifro, I decided to get myself all the Grimm Fairy Tales. There are so many. I am looking forward to reading all of them. I like the idea of creating a psychological profile of the character based on their actions, then thinking about what the future would be like for them based on that profile. Cool and Neat Right! And who knows, maybe I will write prologues too.

I love to combine things and repurpose things and think about things – I don’t necessarily have to experience things to enjoy them – my imagination is enough.


There’s so much of everything out there! I feel fortunate and I am grateful for getting to enjoy them and make stories along the way about them.

Yo! I have so many microbursts in my journals that I will probably just leave them where they are and any new stories will get their own posts. Maybe! I might be thinking this way because I’m feeling lazy.

In considering my next career move … I wanna be a shapeshifter! Which, as you know, is more than a woman. I should write a job description. lol.

Sleep tight and spell rite! If you wanna!

Sun May 01, 2022

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