The Hair Affair

I don’t know what possessed me to get cornrows – might have wanted less hair to manage because the other day I was detangling in the shower and I missed the days I first cut it all off; when I could do a quick scalp rub and get going. At first, when she started it didn’t feel so bad. By the time she was almost done. OMG! I thought about taking it out.

My scalp was screaming
it hurt worse when I closed my eyes.

Dear God! Make it stop!

I don’t understand why they have to try to pick up every strand (and every hair has to be in place). I’m good with messy! It’s been a few days since she came by. At least it doesn’t hurt to blink anymore but it is still Advil-pill-painful at the temples. The last time I paid to get my hair braided Dee was little, I couldn’t have been more than twenty-two. I left the beauty shop and as soon I got home I started taking that shit out. It hurt so bad. 100$ down the drain.

I’m keeping the image below in my toolbox … The banner translates to, “How well we go together.” Also the title of the piece by Adriaen van de Venne. Source: DailyArt app.

A story waiting to be told!

The wind kept me up all night. I thought it would blow out my window and whisk me away like Dorothy, but it became Elements of Love instead. Between my insomnia, the wind and Matt doing crazy noisy shit in the middle of the night, I finished my workout before 2:00 am. My sister still calls me when she’s having computer problems.

I have studying to do and a book I am hoping to finish reading by Sunday. Dre turned me on to David Goggins a few weeks back, then just by chance I caught him the other day on The Joe Rogan Experience – the day the podcast came out, which is rare because I am always behind. I love his podcast but it’s not a bedtime thing, I have to pay attention when watching. Can’t Hurt Me arrived today and I am on chapter two. I’d like to continue but I cannot fall behind on my other stuff.

Don’t stop when you are tired.
Stop when you are done.

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

While cleaning up, I was thinking about my first trainer a year ago. I would never have put the treadmill on 10-speed so soon if it weren’t for him. And I can still hear him, standing on the one to the right of me, saying, “Run. Run. Run. Breath. Run. Run. Run. Breath. Run. Run …” I will never ever forget that. I don’t remember how long I ran, but whatever it was we were both surprised! Every workout was different and he kept pushing me and I enjoyed it!

I want to be that voice for myself. To be that push in every aspect of my life. That’s why I’m reading Can’t Hurt Me! As usual, wish me discipline and whatever else I need (soon I will know).

Thu Dec 15, 2022

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