Hello Hello Hippo

Back in the day, when I was in the Army Airforce Navy, we’d use fighter jets to rescue beached whales and other mythical creatures from all over the world – you’d be surprised what can wash up on a beach and even mountain tops sometimes.

We now have two new additions to the family; Hip and Poe. Going to the pet store with Dre is dangerous. Always, I will grab the supplies and leave. I never look at the animals because it’s so easy to fall in love. And sure enough …

I’m trying to find the rabbit food, and I hear Dre, “Mom look! Isn’t he cute!” I look, and it’s a hairless guinea pig, aka skinny pig. Instantly, he reminds me of a hippo, and I’ve always wanted a hippopotamus. And thems social like the rats and us, so I can’t get one only. What should have been a 50$ purchase turned into 250$. smh. 

Hip and Poe – They’re skittish. This is the best I could do; can’t get them out of their hut.

I guess all animals are social right? But some are introverts, so they may appear unsocial, but thems not. (I like saying “thems”) 🙂 From now on, I am not going to the pet store with Dre. He probably shouldn’t go by himself either; that’s how we ended up with Rats.

Hip – in the pet store, showing his good side 🙂

BTW: We learned from the guy helping us that someone abandoned their rabbit – they left it in the cart, in a bag. Apparently, people abandon pets at pet stores all the time. Animal church.

AND … in addition to Hip and Poe, my animal friends and I are now the keepers of Dee’s guitars, two acoustic, one bass.

Oh yeah … while we were on the train, one stop away from the pet store, my windbreaker broke wind, and everyone was looking at me with disgust as they put their hands over their masks and tried to distance themselves from the smell. 

“It was my jacket,” I say apprehensively.

“Say excuse me! You don’t have to lie about it!” Someone yelled.

“I’m not lying.”

There is a bottle of wine in the fridge that I plan to open when I hit my weight goal at the end of the month.

This is a work weekend. As much as I would love to chat longer, I gotta go.

Sat Apr 23, 2022

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