All I Do Is Win

Yo! I won the competition again yo!

Yesterday I woke up early and got a thirty-minute workout in – I wanted to go longer but was too sore and tired. AND … I was stressing about needing to write my poems. The day played out and before I started journaling I checked to see where the points were. Dee was ahead by about fifty.

I’m looking at the time and I have to finish my journal plus get my points up and there are about two hours left in the day. As soon as the journal was published I grabbed the Ring and exercised till midnight. Fuck yeah! Then I kept going cause I was feeling good and added another hour – Monday workout? Done!

From 10:30 pm to 1:00 am

When I spoke to Dee this afternoon I was laughing like mad cause she thought she had me. “I logged on to play Minecraft before bed and saw you were playing Ring Fit. So I played JD for about thirty minutes thinking that’d be enough to stay ahead. Then I checked the points at midnight and saw that you won!”

I won by seventy-one points, if I didn’t keep going till Sunday wrapped, I would have lost. Can’t have that! We gonna take a break this week. I’m gonna see about going over to her place to use the treadmill – the condo has a sweet setup with fresh machines.

This song got me out of bed:

Baaaaaaby. I’ve travel through the stars
And many moons to find you
Baaaaaaby. The sugar on your skin
The sweetest melanin. Yeah!

See when you step out into the light and your body looking right
No constalation in the sky could ever take your shine
I’ll travel a million miles just to look up upon your smile
Baby, look up through the clouds right now, say it to me

I will be around for the entire night
See baby while I’m close I’ll be here by your side
You doing things to me that I cannot deny
The way you looking girl you are so certified
Cut me back one time when you give me that
Fast wine, fast wine, fast wine


Fast Wine – Machel Montano

I tried drawing Tree Man from memory – Bosch must be rolling in his grave!

Remember when I had my mini obsession with monkeypox, well … it’s happening again. I probably need to draw or write something to get it out of my system. Or maybe … if I get monkeypox I’ll stop obsessing about it. Sounds like a plan!

2023.01.09 (Mon)
— Samantha Williams —

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