Journal Entry – Fri Nov 6

I was upset today because our IT guy messaged me about our US client wanting to go live in two weeks. But I’m not lead on that project anymore. It got kicked back to sales because there was a lot of sales/marketing related work the client had to do.

So what was bothering me exactly? We were working with this client since Jan/Feb of this year. They stalled for months, partly because of COVID and partly because they didn’t have the foundation they needed to move forward. With help from my boss and the director of sales, they got the client to the point where they have the right marketing material to discuss the program with their prospective clients.

I know how important it is for us to have a client live in the US but does one week make a difference compared to six months? They were supposed to go-live in April. Why couldn’t we get the three-week lead time we needed to setup the environment? I guess 10 days is sufficient.

I wondered if my ego was wounded because sales didn’t even tell me there was a date. The feeling that our clients push us around bothers me – but I don’t think anyone else sees it that way. So … I will have to adjust my perspective but not my project management integrity.

The day we complete a project according to my standards, I will tell you.

I’m adding two things to my Christmas list: a VR headset (research required) and a hippopotamus – (do you remember how to play Jacks?) Google AR doesn’t have hippos 😦 If I had a giant panda in my room I wouldn’t be able to get out the door.

How old will you be in 2068? That’s when the asteroid Apophis may hit Earth (likelihood is low and getting lower, I think, as they calculate how the sun’s heat can change the asteroid’s trajectory.) Apophis is also supposed to fly by on Apr 13, 2029.

I don’t understand how asteroids fly about our galaxy that they can pass our planet multiple times. Would you like to work on an asteroid deflection team?

We had Vietnamese for Fast Food Friday.

Feature Photo Credit: Denis Doukhan from Pixabay

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